PIXEL PARTY for Procreate

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Procreate is not built for pixel art, but I'm a masochist and maybe you are too, so here are the brushes I personally use to wrangle Procreate against it's own programming :D

PUX: A plain Jane pixel brush, featuring anti-aliasing! Press hard for solid pixels, and press lightly for semi-transparent "anti-aliased" pixels for a softer look.

MS PAINT^2: A near pixel-perfect recreation of Microsoft Paint's 3px Pencil. Great for doodles and blocking in colors!

30MS PAINT: MS PAINT^2's cooler cousin. Moves like silky smooth ink, satisfying for lineart or text!

BONUS! A palette full of MS Paint's default colors for nah-stahl-ja, babey


* Make sure to NOT download directly from TikTok! You will simply be met with a bunch of garbled text and your brushes will not download :( Instead,

1. Access the download link from your email. (Make sure you entered a valid email at checkout!)

2. Open the link from your email to the mobile browser of your choice. (Safari, Firefox, Brave, etc.)

3. From there, click the download button on each brush/swatch.

4. Access the "Downloads" tab in your prefered browser and click each brush again. If it doesn't import directly into Procreate after selecting it, you can hold down and select Procreate from a drop down of apps that will appear.

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(86 ratings)
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PIXEL PARTY for Procreate

86 ratings
I want this!